What to do when facing a dental emergency

Diving into action rather than waiting for a miracle


When faced with dental pain or discomfort, it can, in some cases, be easy to push the irritation aside with the use of painkillers or mind over matter. But whilst this may give you an extra day or two, when noticeable discomfort within the mouth begins to impact your daily life it is important to contact our Dentist Walkerston promptly so as to eliminate the chances of further discomfort or damage.

Whilst in mild cases of discomfort the need for an emergency appointment may not be as severe, for cases where a tooth has been knocked out, whether through accidental injury or long term oral hygiene failures, the importance of getting the area checked over quickly could not be greater. After all, leaving gaps within the mouth can lead to further dental complications down the line such as further tooth loss, cause a wonky smile and in severe cases, an alteration to the facial bone structure. Whilst this all may sound a little far fetched for the loss of a couple of teeth, the impact when left untreated, can be severe but avoided with a quick call to action once the incident occurs.

Can the injury wait until my next check up appointment?

If your regular dental check-up is coming up and you damage a tooth just weeks beforehand, the thought of an emergency dental appointment may seem a lot of unnecessary fuss. Whilst the impact on your personal time may be positively impacted, the longer the wait for the issue to be sorted, the greater the chances for more extensive treatments and procedures to be needed. The impact of the pain may also increase creating further disruption to daily life. An emergency appointment with our Dentist Walkerston can often be arranged for the same day so as to relieve the discomfort immediately.

What to expect

Unlike a general dental appointment, the aim of an emergency appointment is to relieve any pain or discomfort promptly and discover the extent of the damage along with devising a sufficient and customised plan to tackle the problem. The treatment needed varies from patient to patient as it depends entirely on the individual circumstances, however, no matter what the damage it is important to know that each solution offered will be with the long-term in mind. In an emergency, your Dentist Walkerston aim is to provide a quick fix for your pain, but they will also help provide a long-term plan as required to fix the root cause of the issue.

Booking your emergency appointment

Whilst there are many ways to contact our team when facing a dental emergency the best form of action is to pick up the phone and give the dental practice a call. This ensures that a member of the team can be quick to deal with your problem and ensure that you are seen promptly. After all, no one wants to have you in pain so fast and targeted action is the best approach.

On occasions when all the emergency appointments have been filled for the day, the dental practice will work effortlessly to either fit your appointment in at the practice chosen or in some cases refer you to one of the other dental practices. Either way, it is important to know that you are in experienced hands and your treatment is the top priority.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.