Advanced Technology


Walkerston Dental has everything required to make an accurate and thorough diagnosis of any dental problem. This ensures you get the treatment you need without any delays. Our technology includes:

  • Digital x-rays with lower radiation exposure
  • Intra-oral camera – so you can see what we see
  • Surgical Microscope and Magnifying loupes
  • Digital OPG ( full face x-ray )
  • Implant planning software ( for guided implant placement )

The use of digital x-rays not only reduces radiation exposure but with higher resolution and speed of processing where you can visualise in real-time, it improves our ability to identify early dental decay and other issues.

We regularly use intra-oral cameras to take highly detailed digital photos inside the mouth. These photos can be displayed on the screen in our surgery, allowing us to show you areas of concern as we explain how best to treat any dental problems.

Microscopes allow our dentist to see areas being treated in far greater detail, even up to 20 times the original size, so we can make sure all infection or decay is thoroughly removed in hard-to-see areas. This helps to ensure treatment is thorough and is ultimately more successful. Usually found only in highly specialised practices, we are proud to say that we are the first practice in the region to have access to this technology and Dr PK has been performing microscope assisted procedures since 2007.

You will find all our dentists using magnifying loupes at all times while treating patients. We believe this is the standard of care.

Our implant planning software helps us virtually plan implant placement and reduces the risk of surgical complications and improves the long term outcome.

The availability of an on-site digital OPG (Full face x-ray machine) eliminates the need for the patients to be referred out causing further delays in diagnosis and necessary treatment.