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Welcome to Walkerston Dental -

Dentist in Walkerston


Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland, is a fully accredited family owned dental practice designed and purpose built to offer the very latest and most advanced dental treatment in a comfortable patient friendly environment. Whether you just need a check-up and clean from a dentist in Walkerston or require more complex treatment, we can help you.


As a practice offering dental treatment in Walkerston, we believe that it is our responsibility to treat every person who walks in our doors with dignity and respect and offer options and solutions in a clear unbiased manner so that you can make an informed decision regarding treatment.


We take pride in our work and continually strive to offer reliable treatment solutions at a reasonable cost without compromising on the quality. We cater to residents in Pioneer Valley, Mackay, Marian, Mirani, Finch Hatton, Eungella, Eton and Nebo. We also offer services for patients looking for an emergency dentist in Walkerston.

New Patient Special Offer
Dental Appointment up to 45 minutes:
  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Two intra-oral x-rays (small), digital imaging
  • Scale and clean, polish
  • Treatment options with quotes as necessary
Only $292!
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*Offer valid for New patients only
*Health fund rules, waiting periods and yearly limits apply. Pay NO GAP if your health fund covers a minimum of $292
*Examination appointment can take between 30-45 minutes depending on patient's individual needs

Treatments we offer
  • General and cosmetic dentistry
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants (screw-in teeth)
  • Veneers
  • Smile makeovers
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Gum treatment
  • Happy gas and twilight sedation for anxious patients

Meet our team

Dr PrathapDr Prathap

Dr Prathap Kripakaran ( PK )

Dr Kate-MoonDr Kate-Moon

Dr Kate Moon

Worried about going to the dentist?

You’re not alone. Many people don’t like the thought of going to the dentist and this is understandable. Dentists use special tools to look inside your mouth and many people don’t like the idea of this. However, with the amount of time you spend eating, drinking and using your teeth, the dentists at Walkerston Dental can check that your teeth and gums are in great health.

What does the dentist do?

Dentists are trained specially to look after teeth, gums and overall oral health of their patients. They see their patients every 6-12 months, to check inside the mouth and ensure that the teeth and gums are healthy.

Walkerston Dental, based at Walkerston GP Superclinic, Queensland, is a dentist in Mackay providing excellent service and standards for every patient. The benefit for our patients is that they receive personalised care and effective treatment when they need it at our dentist in Mackay. Our team of dentists want to get to know their patients so that they can understand the most effective ways to look after their teeth and gums.

How do I prevent problems?

At our dentist in Mackay, we believe that prevention is better than getting treatment. We can provide guidance on how to do this at home. Looking after your teeth every day starts with brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day after eating and drinking. You can use a soft bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Leave around 20 minutes after eating before brushing, as brushing too soon can affect the softened enamel on your teeth. The other ways you can clean your teeth at home can include using interdental brushes between your teeth. These can be different sizes, varying between thicknesses, depending on your teeth. We can give you guidance on the size you need at our dentist in Mackay.

Registering with us

To register with us, it’s a straightforward process. Simply come in to complete a form and we’ll book you an appointment with one of your dentists. This will last longer than routine appointments, as we will go through your medical history and complete a check-up. You can also raise any concerns you have with us.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS)

Your children may be able to recieve dental services with the Child Dental Benefits Schedule!

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*Rebates may vary depending on health fund provider. All prices subject to change. For more information please contact us.