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It can be very worrying when dental discomfort suddenly strikes you. Tooth decay, for example, if left untreated, can cause acute pain when it gets beyond a certain point. Then there are the dining mishaps and sporting injuries that can result in the loss of one or more teeth. For all these things, and for any other kind of worrying change in the condition of your teeth and gums, you should visit the emergency dentist in Mackay.

Emergency Dentist in MackayAt Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland, we provide same day appointments for emergency dental care. The sooner you book yourself in to have your uncomfortable or painful dental situation checked out, the sooner we can restore your dental health.

When to visit the emergency dentist in Mackay

Broken teeth need immediate treatment. Whether you’ve collided with someone while playing sports, or simply felt your tooth crack after biting into an unexpectedly hazardous sandwich, you need to see a dentist straight away.

Excessive bleeding and swelling are also signs that you should access treatment as soon as you can. There’s no need to wait. If you call us as soon as things take a turn for the worse, we’ll be able to ease your distress and repair your teeth.

We offer same day appointments specifically for people who need an emergency dentist in Mackay. The team here is experienced in providing reassurance during the emergency procedure.

What happens at the emergency dentist in Mackay?

We’ll take a look inside your mouth to discover exactly what’s happened, and plan what we need to do to reduce your discomfort and stabilise your condition. We’ll then set to work on relieving your pain and repairing any damage. Depending on what’s happened, you might need to come back to our practice again at a later date for some follow-up work.

After your visit to the emergency dentist in Mackay, you’ll have a much more comfortable and healthy mouth. Our treatments are designed to last. We’ll let you know exactly how to care for your teeth and gums in order to reduce the likelihood of needing any more emergency appointments.