Take a deep breath, then pick up the phone

When you experience pain in the mouth, it isn’t always obvious what the cause is as say, when you break a leg or arm, but it can often be just as painful. When you are in a state of shock, the first thing most people do is panic. You may not even think of the dentist because that would require waiting for too long before you get seen, right? Well, no actually. You can take a deep breath and call us, your emergency dentist in Mackay, and we will see you pronto and tell you what to do next.

Emergency Dentist in MackayNext steps

Everyone’s case is different and therefore the next stages will be too. Don’t worry too much about whether your case is ‘severe’ enough for a visit to the emergency dentist in Mackay. We can help you figure that out once you call us. We can schedule you in for an appointment, and if we think it is necessary we will book you in at Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland, to see you the very same day.

We’ll also give you advice on how to minimise the pain and look after your tooth, or what is left of it, until we see you. Over-the-counter painkillers usually help to keep pain at bay.

If you are at risk of losing your tooth, if it has been partially or fully knocked out, we may advise you to keep it in place in your jaw if possible. If that is not possible, keep it in some milk or saliva to preserve it and bring it to the emergency dentist in Mackay.

What problems do we fix?

Trips to the emergency dentist in Mackay are usually the result of teeth being chipped or knocked out. We will examine the condition of the teeth and then determine the next steps.

Local anaesthetic will be applied, if necessary, and we will also sterilise the injured area. We may carry out an x-ray to assess the extent of the damage and your oral health. We will then either repair the tooth there and then or apply a temporary fix and ask you to come back for the permanent repairs later.