Rest easy with the emergency dentist in Mackay

Most people know exactly who to call in most emergencies. Dial 000 and get that ambulance, fire truck or police car to you pronto. But what about a dental emergency? 000 is hardly appropriate. So, who should you call? The emergency dentist in Mackay, that’s who.

At Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland, we provide emergency dental services so that when you’re in dental pain you don’t need to think twice about what to do. Pick up the phone, call us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Emergency Dentist in MackayYour call

When you call us in need of an emergency dentist in Mackay, our caring dental team will find out exactly what has happened and do their very best to put you at ease and calm any rising panic. We can offer you advice on what to do before you get to us and will aim to see you the same day you call.

Your emergency appointment

Our emergency dentist in Mackay will first provide you with pain relief if you need it. Then it’s time to thoroughly examine the damaged area to find out the extent of the damage. This may sometimes require x-rays. The area will be cleaned and sterilised to reduce the chance of infection before repairs are then carried out.

If we can’t provide you with a permanent fix then and there, we’ll send you off with a temporary fix so you can get on with your day. We’ll then call you back for follow-up treatment. A good example of when this would be the case is if we need to extract a severely damaged tooth or if we are unable to re-attach a tooth that has been knocked out. In these cases you will need to have replacement teeth made, which can be in the form of bridges, dentures or dental implants.

Your dental health

When you’re facing a dental emergency seeing the emergency dentist in Mackay will ensure that your future dental health is protected. Damage to your teeth or gums can have long-lasting consequences if not taken care of properly. So make sure you put our contact details into your phone now and give us a call pronto when a dental emergency strikes.