How to look after your dental health

Brushing your teeth can sometimes become a boring and monotonous routine that you may not always feel like doing. However, doesn’t it always feel good when you do? The fresh taste of all that minty toothpaste round your teeth, the smooth and clean feeling over your gums. The amazing way they feel afterwards is a sign that your teeth and gums are clean, healthy and strong. It’s worth it and you shouldn’t miss out on brushing your teeth. Looking after your dental health, though, is about more than just your daily brushing routine.

Dentist in MackayLong-term dental health

To maintain your dental health, it’s about more than regular brushing. It’s about minimising your consumption of unhealthy foods, including those containing sugar, limiting teeth-staining drinks, such as coffee, and quitting smoking if you do have the habit. If you’re looking for assistance around this from a dentist in Mackay, we can help.

What does a good dentist do?

A good dentist will listen to patient concerns without judgement, providing guidance about possible problems and how to take care of teeth to minimise an issue. A good dentist will take the time to get to know their patients and go out of their way to ensure patients are comfortable and secure about coming to their dentist about any concerns. It’s in our interest to ensure our patients leave feeling satisfied that their issue has been resolved and content with their treatment.

About our dentist in Mackay

Walkerston Dental in Walkerston is a modern practice that can offer its patients personalised care and treatment and has been succeeding in this for a long time. We provide a range of treatments in the areas of general, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry and can treat longer-term problems, such as gum disease. As well as this, we can provide guidance around smoking cessation and oral cancer screening, too.

Check-ups for children

Whether it’s their first tooth coming through or their milk teeth are starting to fall out, we provide quality care for your children’s check-ups. We understand children can feel nervous about coming to their dentist in Mackay and we can help to reassure them to make your child feel comfortable and at ease about their appointment.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with

one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you .