How does a dentist whiten your teeth?

Walkerston Dental, located at the Walkerston GP Superclinic, Queensland are able to provide you with a range of cosmetic dentistry options that can brighten and whiten your smile.  We can remove stains or hide chipped and stubborn stains with a range of options that will suit your lifestyle.

Dentist in MackayWhen you come in to see your dentist in Mackay regarding whitening your teeth, we will sit down and discuss what your expected results are.  This way we can work together to create a realistic treatment plan aligned to your needs.

We will also test your suitability for the procedures, as some patients with overly sensitive teeth or ongoing dental issues may find that other options need to be looked at or are more suitable.

It is important to us that you are happy with the results, so we aim to please by more than simply providing you with a brighter, and whiter shade of teeth.

Most patients are suitable to have the whitening treatment and are really pleased with the results.

What are some of the procedures that are available?

The first, and most common, procedure is a simple whitening procedure using a dental mouth device to hold a gel that contains a bleaching agent that removes stains in order to whiten teeth.

This works in many cases to remove stubborn coffee or smoking stains that brushing alone cannot do. Our solution can only be provided by professional dental practices due to its strength and the considerations required to apply it appropriately.

There are also take home kits that are available. By following the instructions, they are a suitable alternative for those of you who find it hard to put the time aside to have the procedure done at our practice by your dentist in Mackay.

Another treatment that is growing in popularity is porcelain veneers.  These not only completely cover stains, but can also hide the appearance of a chipped tooth and give the appearance of straight teeth when in reality you might have a slightly crossed or gappy teeth.

Porcelain veneers work a bit like a crown by covering and protecting the tooth from further damage.  They can last for around ten years if treated properly. They are a thin shell of ceramic in the shape and colour of a natural tooth.  The veneers are placed over visible teeth much like a false nail is glued onto finger tips.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.