How can a dentist in Mackay diagnose my toothache?

Diagnosing dental issues at Walkerston Dental, located in the Walkerston GP Superclinic, Queensland is becoming more accurate and faster than ever before thanks to your dentist in Mackay investing in quality tools that use the latest technology.

Dentist in MackayBy using new and exciting technologies, we are able to accurately diagnose most dental issues. This avoids any potential delays that you may have during your treatment, meaning that you can get on with your life quicker and have a better chance of healing without the chance of infection or further complications.

Various new technologies are being used everyday for dental care in our practice, and these help us to provide the highest standard of care.

Technologies such as magnifying loupes allow us to view your gums and teeth in much greater detail than normal. This allows us to reach any infection or plaque that we are aiming to remove in a single session. This greatly reduces the chance of needing to return again for further work and allows your body to heal.

What are some other tools that we have in our practice?

With new technology, X-rays are becoming faster, emit far less radiation than previously as well as providing us with a clearer picture. Low radiation emitting digital x-rays not only expose us and our patients to less radiation, they also provide a higher resolution picture which in turn gives us a clearer image with which to work with. This win-win situation will only improve as the technology further advances, and we are actively watching for future developments.

It is not uncommon for us to use intraoral camera to view inside the mouth and to take close up images of teeth and gums.  This means that both you and your dentist in Mackay and can see clear images of your mouth. The benefit of this allows us to take clear and uninhibited views of certain angles of your teeth as well as being able to better explain to you with visual aids any areas of concern and what we can do about them.

By having visual cues, you are more readily able to understand the nature of your condition. This can alleviate fears as well as assist your understanding about your personal oral health. As technology advances in this manner, we believe that this will inspire our patients to take further steps to improve their own oral health.

Knowledge is power and by providing our patients with as much knowledge as we can, in a variety of different ways, we are excited to see how we can progress towards a community of better oral health and ideal health in general.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.