Find relief with your emergency dentist

A trip, a fall, a sporting injury. It always happens so quickly, except those few slow-mo moments when you realise what is about to happen but your body can’t do anything to stop it. Like when you can see that ball just about to hit your mouth. Or you see the cement floor getting awfully close to your face. And then it happens, your tooth goes crack, blood spurts from your mouth and you start to panic. Once your panic is under control, it’s time to get yourself an emergency dental appointment in Mackay.

Emergency Dental Appointment in MackayAt Walkerston Dental in Walkerston, we’ve seen it all, from teeth sticking out at odd angles to huge abscesses and bloody mouths. We’ve seen it all and fixed it all with an emergency dental appointment in Mackay.

What happens during your emergency dental appointment?

First we will get you comfortable. If you need pain relief, we’ll give it to you. Then we’ll have a look at the damaged area and sterilise it to reduce your chances of infection. We may need to take some x-rays to assess the full extent of the damage. Then we’ll plan how we can repair any damage. If possible, we’ll provide you with a permanent fix, then and there. If not, we’ll put a temporary solution in place and ask you to come back for further work. For example, if a tooth has been lost or needs extracting, you may come back on another day to start treatment with dental implants.

When should you visit the emergency dentist?

If you are in severe dental pain, have an abscess, swelling or bleeding, then it’s time to get an emergency dental appointment in Mackay. Chipped, broken, partially or fully knocked out teeth can also constitute dental emergencies. If you are ever in any doubt, call us and we’ll advise you on what to do and whether you should see us pronto.

What to do next

Put our contact details in your phone and hope that you never need to make that call for an emergency dental appointment in Mackay, but rest easy knowing that you can should the need arise.