Feeling that niggle in your tooth? Get help fast…!

When you get a worrying feeling in your teeth, it’s time to see the emergency dentist in Walkerston. At Walkertson Dental in Walkerston, we’ve seen the full range of dental mishaps, and can always provide you with a solution that makes things feel better. We try our best to make same-day appointments so that we can give you the care you need at the time you need it. The quicker you bring us your cracked tooth or the infected gum, the better chance we have of giving you a great dental future.

Emergency Dentist WalkerstonReasons you might need an emergency dentist in Walkerston

Your teeth can break for a number of reasons. Sporting injuries are a common one, but unexpected dining injuries are also a frequent source of emergency appointments. You don’t have to be chewing rocks, either. Decay and infection, when left untreated, can slowly develop until they suddenly become seriously concerning.

Whatever’s happened to your teeth, the crucial thing to remember is to pick up the phone and call us as soon as you think something’s wrong. We can then listen to what the problem is and provide the appropriate response.

During your visit

When you turn up for your appointment with the emergency dentist in Walkerston, we’ll examine your mouth and assess the full extent of the damage. We can then bring your discomfort down to a manageable level and make repairs to your teeth and gums.

The work we do on the day might be designed to last a long time, or to be a short-term solution that requires a more thorough follow-up visit. In all cases, our aim is to preserve your dental material and ensure you’ll have good oral health in the future.

After the appointment

You’ll walk away from the emergency dentist in Walkerston with an improved and stabilised dental condition. Our experienced team is skilled in providing up-to-date care in a gentle manner. We’ll do everything we can to repair your teeth and reduce the chances you’ll need any further emergency visits. It’s important to remember that you should call us as soon as you feel you might need an emergency dentist in Walkerston.