Don’t put off having dental treatment

Many people think that dentists are only there to cause pain, both in your mouth and your wallet! But the truth is that dental treatment in Mackay is often important not just for the health of your teeth, but also for your state of mind. Being able to smile confidently has a big impact on your self-esteem, and the right dental treatment can give you that confidence.

Dental Treatments in MackayTypes of dental treatment

There are three main reasons for you to come to us for dental treatment in Mackay. The first is preventive treatment. This includes routine check-ups, regular scale and polish treatments, and things you can do yourself, such as keeping a good oral hygiene habit, giving up smoking and looking after your gums.

The second reason you might need dental treatment in Mackay is a range of general treatments. This covers things like filling cavities, root canals and emergency dental care.

The third type of dental treatment in Mackay is cosmetic dentistry. This is where the treatment focusses on the way the teeth look, as well as medical benefits. Cosmetic dentistry includes things like veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, and braces.

Here at Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland, we cover all types of dental treatments.  Whether you need a simple check-up or you want to improve your smile, you can come to us.

Advances in dental treatment make for a pleasant visit

If you have put off visiting the dentist for a few years, you might be surprised by how welcoming our practice is. Our staff are trained to put you at ease, and make sure you are comfortable, even if you are feeling anxious. There have been many advances in dental technology in recent years, making it much more efficient and gentler. Here at Walkerston Dental we do our best to keep up with the latest technology, ensuring you benefit from the most advanced equipment and techniques. When it comes to safety and cleanliness, you can be assured that we comply with the latest standards.

There is no reason to put off having dental treatment in Mackay. Book an appointment with us now to make sure your teeth are as healthy as can be.