Do you need to see an emergency dentist? A brief guide from Walkerston Dental

Are you unsure if that wobbly filling can wait until next week to be seen? Or have you noticed a slowly growing swelling in your mouth and aren’t sure what to do?dentist-in-walkerston

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to see an emergency dental team to prevent any long-term issues with your teeth.

At Walkerston Dental, our emergency dentist in Walkerston is proud to be able to offer our patients appointments within 24 hours of the initial phone call being made. This will get you out of discomfort and will enable you to get on with your day pain-free. What’s not to like about that?

So, what are some of the reasons to visit our emergency dentist in Walkerston? Read on to find out!

You are in discomfort

A key reason to visit our dentist in Walkerston for a same-day appointment is if you are suffering from discomfort.

This can range from a twinge when you drink hot or cold drinks to full-on discomfort which is keeping you awake during the night and preventing you from focusing. Oftentimes, if it is the latter, you will be suffering from either a dental abscess or an impacted tooth, both of which require urgent medical attention.

You have sudden swelling

Swelling to the mouth, face, neck or jaw needs to be explored as soon as possible by a medical professional, even if it isn’t causing discomfort.

Swelling to these areas can signify an abscess (perhaps under a root canalled tooth if there is no discomfort), an impacted tooth or a severe food allergy. In rare cases, it can even point to cancer, so get it checked ASAP!

You have lost a restorative

Even the best fitting fillings and crowns can come loose and if you notice that one of yours has fallen out, we will need to see you promptly.

This is to prevent bacteria from getting access to areas of the tooth that were previously hidden by the restorative (like the pulp) and to stop abscesses from forming. So, like the swelling, even if you aren’t in discomfort, we will still need to see you.

You have an uncontrollable bleed

Bleeding from the mouth is common if you regularly engage in contact sports.

If you have a bleed that hasn’t stopped with 20 minutes of pressure (use a gauze), you will need to see our team.

We will assess the cause of the persistent bleed and will aim to prevent any further blood loss either using stitches or surgical glue.

You have chipped or cracked a tooth

Chips and cracks can be caused by anything but when they happen, they can cause more problems than a simple aesthetic issue.

Much like a lost restorative, they can allow bacteria access to previously shielded areas of the tooth, which can cause cavities and further damage. As the treatment for cracks and chips is usually a composite filling, it won’t cost you anything to see our team to have them repaired.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.