Do you know what to do in a dental emergency?

If you’ve ever been on a first aid course or managed to pay attention during a workplace health and safety seminar, you may have picked up a few things about how to handle minor emergencies. Things like putting pressure on a bleeding wound or cooling a burn with running water. But what about a dental emergency? Would you know what to do?

Emergency Dentist in MackayAt Walkerston Dental in Walkerston we’re here to help if you ever experience a dental emergency with our emergency dentist in Mackay.  We’ll take care of your pain and treat any damage you’ve sustained to your teeth and gums. But between realising you have a dental emergency and getting to our emergency dentist in Mackay, it’s good to know what you can do to help yourself in the meantime. Here are a few pointers:

Stay calm

First things first, don’t panic. Easier said than done but remember, the sooner you can calm yourself down enough to call us, the sooner you’ll get the treatment you need. And however bad you think it looks, there is usually a way to restore you back to full dental health.

Find your teeth

This obviously applies to situations where you have chipped or broken your teeth or had a tooth knocked out. Gather up those bits of teeth that you can find. If you’ve lost a whole tooth, pick it up from the crown, not the roots. Wash off any dirt with clean water and in the case of a whole tooth, place it back into the socket from which it fell out or pop it into a container of milk. Get your bits of teeth or whole tooth to us as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to repair your tooth or put it back in place.

Stop the bleeding

If you’re bleeding, place a clean piece of gauze against the injured site and hold it there until the bleeding stops. If the gauze soaks through, don’t remove it, simply add more on top.

Call us

Call us, your emergency dentist in Mackay, and we’ll do our best to see you that very same day.