Do it for the kids

When it comes to our children, we only want the best for them. The best schools, the best neighbourhood, the best start in life. It’s the same story for their dental health. To protect your child’s oral health, bring them in to see us at Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland. A healthy diet and a good oral hygiene routine at home are a great start for your children’s oral health but they’ll need more than that to keep their teeth, gums and oral tissues in a good state as they grow and develop.

Dental Treatments in MackaySo when it comes to dental treatment in Mackay, what treatments are tailored just for the kids?

Fissure sealants

This dental treatment in Mackay is proven to help prevent tooth decay in children, specifically decay of the back teeth. A thin layer of resin is painted onto the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. This resin seals off the many small fissures, or grooves, which form the chewing surfaces of these teeth. With the back teeth being harder to clean properly, especially for children who haven’t yet mastered their toothbrushing technique, fissure sealants can provide an added level of protection.


Braces are seen as a rite of passage in children and young teenagers. But with early intervention, braces may not be needed for your child. This focuses on addressing the underlying causes of misaligned teeth, which broadly fall into developmental problems or poor oral habits, such as thumb sucking. The Myobrace is designed to help correct poor oral habits and treat jaw development problems. This can help ensure that the teeth come through properly, reducing the need for later treatment with braces.

Our approach with children’s dental treatment in Mackay

Whatever treatment you bring your child in for at our clinic, you can rest assured that we’ll take the time to get to know your child and put them at ease. Our gentle, friendly approach will help ensure your child leaves our dental practice with a smile on their face.

Book your child’s dental appointment today for the best start with their oral health. If their teeth haven’t yet come through, bring them along to your appointment so they can get to know us.