Dental implant myths debunked by our dentist

Want to have dental implants fitted but are worried they will fall out?walkerston-dentist

Our dentist Walkerston knows all there is to know about the fitting, care and maintenance of dental implants.  They aim to ensure that any implant fitted by us will last a long time.

Here, we look at some of the most common myths that our dentist Walkesrton has heard about dental implants.

Dental implants will become infected

It is exceedingly rare that a dental implant will become infected.

If our dentist Walkerston suspects that you have an infected dental implant, we will need to remove it to ascertain the reason for the infection and to treat it accordingly.

Dental implants will fall out

If fitted correctly, and providing that you do not have any underlying health conditions that could prompt them to fall out, your oral implants should stay in place.

The fitting itself requires us to take x-rays of your jaw, to check for signs that you will not be able to support a standard implant. If we determine that you are suitable (subject to medical questions too) then there is no reason why your implants should just spontaneously fall out.

Please note that implants can become loose initially after the fitting if you apply pressure on them via a toothbrush or by consuming hard food. If you have worries that your implant is not fusing promptly, call us for a check-up.

Dental implants prevent you from travelling via aeroplanes

Many patients have concerns that once they have oral implants fitted, they will not be able to travel abroad due to the metal detector used at airports.

The good news is that, no, oral implants do not prevent you from travelling on aeroplanes.

Dental implants are made from titanium, which means they are non-magnetic and will not set off a metal detector. Titanium is also used to create other surgical implants such as hip replacements and knee replacements, both of which do not prevent you from flying due to detection using a metal detector.

So, you can still go on holiday, don’t worry about it!

Dental implants are too expensive to afford

This is one of the most common myths that we experience at Walkerston Dental. Dental implants are not too expensive for the average person to afford.

Our team is proud to be able to offer our suitable patients 0% financing offers which can help you break down the cost into affordable monthly repayments.

If you would like more information about this, then please contact our team today.

Dental implants don’t last long

With correct maintenance and aftercare, dental implants can easily last for up to and over 15 years.

This does mean that, even though they are prosthetic teeth, you need to treat them as you treat(ed) your natural teeth. You will need to brush them twice a day, floss, rinse with mouthwash and of course, attend dental check-ups with our team twice a year. This is so we can keep an eye open for signs of gum disease and other issues that could cause your implants to come loose, such as rejection from your body.

You can also promote the longevity of your implants by refraining from smoking and drinking alcohol excessively.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.