Benefits of drinking water from the dentist in Walkerston

Here at Walkerston Dental, we put an emphasis on preventive care as well as offering a wide range of treatments to help resolve any issues.  As the dentist in Walkerston, we work with our patients to help them to achieve the best possible oral health. dentist-in-walkerston

This involves regular check-ups and advice on every topic from brushing and flossing to lifestyle habits that can be adopted to improve the teeth and gums.  One of those habits is ensuring that enough water is consumed each day.  This seemingly simple solution can make a real difference in a person’s oral health and consequently, the health of the body as a whole.


Many sources of tap water have fluoride added.  Fluoride helps to protect the enamel of the teeth to make them stronger and more robust.  This means that they are less likely to deteriorate or to develop cavities.  Fluoride helps to defend the teeth from acids found in foods and other drinks and protects them from damage caused by plaque.  Thus, making a habit of drinking tap water is encouraged by us as the dentist in Walkerston.

Keep hydrated

Most of us are aware of the importance of keeping hydrated from a whole body perspective, but people are often unaware of how important it is to consume water regularly for the benefit of the teeth and gums.  Staying hydrated helps to prevent developing a dry mouth, which helps to keep the breath fresh and inoffensive.

In addition, drinking water throughout the day aids in the production of saliva.  Saliva is a vital part of good oral health.  Firstly, it helps to wash away bits of food and plaque between teeth brushings.  This means that the teeth are cleaner and less likely to deteriorate.

Secondly, saliva is an excellent defence against acids.  Acids are found in lots of foods and other drinks such as tomatoes and fruit juice, and these can erode the enamel of the teeth making them vulnerable.  A healthy presence of saliva neutralises these acids and help the patient to keep their teeth and gums in good condition.

A better choice

Sometimes people choose to consume other drinks apart from water for staying hydrated.  However, many of these can be harmful to oral health.  Fizzy drinks and juices can erode the tooth enamel.  Other drinks such as wine, tea and coffee can cause the teeth to become stained.  While it is fine to enjoy these alternatives on occasion, making water the main drink that is consumed for most of every day means that the teeth and gums will be much healthier.

Can reduce snacking

People often reach for a snack believing they are hungry when they are just dehydrated.  Drinking water throughout the day without waiting to develop a thirst means that snacking is less likely.  This should result in less frequent eating of foods such as chocolate, cakes and sweets.  Sugary snack consumption is linked to developing cavities, so the more this can be minimised, the better the condition of the teeth and gums.

All treatment carries risks.  Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.