Dental Check-Ups

We suggest you book your child’s first dental check-up soon after they get their first tooth or by age one. At this age, it is a great opportunity for them to become familiar with dental visits and this first examination is extremely gentle. We may just get you to hold them on your lap while we take a quick look. The main purpose of this visit is to make sure their mouth is developing nicely and to chat to you about their dental care at home. We definitely encourage questions so please feel free to ask us about anything you aren’t quite sure about.

At subsequent visits we can check for signs of problems and will generally monitor their development. Their teeth will be carefully cleaned and polished at each check-up, as this is an excellent preventative dental treatment for ensuring they have healthy teeth and gums. We also offer preventative fluoride treatment which helps strengthen the enamel and reduce the risk of tooth decay. As they grow older, we can show your child how to look after their own teeth in a way that is fun and informative.

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