Snoring & Sleep Apnoea


Many people will snore occasionally, but sleep apnoea is a potentially serious condition that interrupts breathing during sleep. This is caused by the throat muscles relaxing during sleep, allowing the airway to collapse inwards and obstructing breathing. Sufferers will often cease breathing for several seconds, before awakening with a loud gasp or snort. Episodes can occur hundreds of times each night, resulting in excessive daytime sleepiness. The long-term effects of untreated sleep apnoea can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Often we can successfully treat mild to moderate sleep apnoea with the use of a custom-made appliance. This is unobtrusive and comfortable to wear, and it works by gently holding the lower jaw forwards slightly, which helps to hold the airway open during sleep. The gold standard in treatment is a CPAP machine, but if you just can’t tolerate it, the mouth appliance might be very useful. We recommend that you get a sleep study done and your GP can organise a referral to a sleep clinic.

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25th March 2020
We hope you are doing well.

Given the unprecedented situation and the uncertainties surrounding the COVID -19, we felt it was important to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to keep our practice clean and safe for every single one of you who step inside and also for our lovely team.

We have always maintained rigorous infection control procedures and take pride that as an accredited practice, we have a clearly-defined system of measuring our compliance with regulations and guidelines, allowing us to continually improve how we operate our practice.

During the last few days, we have been closely following our professional health authority’s guidance and if you have been in recently, you would have noticed that we have implemented a few additional measures in the way we operate.

We will check on you to see if you are well before you come in. Please inform us before you come in, if you are unwell or have travelled overseas or have come in contact with anyone who tested positive or highly likely to be positive for COVID-19. We will reschedule your appointment. If you are in pain and need urgent dental treatment during this time, please contact the Base Hospital. They will triage and treat accordingly.

Steps taken at our practice

We might reschedule some non-urgent treatment in the coming days, but every effort will be made to help you in the best way possible if you are in pain or any discomfort with your teeth.

It is a constantly evolving situation and we understand that it can be stressful; we will have to stay calm but vigilant and help each other out the best we can.