The Implant Process

A dental implant consists of a small titanium alloy post that is carefully placed into your bone and used to support a replacement tooth. Once the implant is in place we can provide you with a temporary prosthesis to use while the implant is healing, a process that normally takes three months. As soon as this is complete, we can fabricate your new prosthesis, taking care to ensure it looks and feels very natural and is able to function just like your real teeth.

This treatment is very sophisticated and we take a lot of care during the planning process, most of which happens behind the scenes using state-of-the-art imaging equipment. By carefully planning your treatment, we can ensure each appointment will be as smooth and as comfortable as possible.  Anyone considering having dental implant treatment will need to have a 3D scan. These highly detailed 3-D images enable our dentist to accurately plan your implant treatment, avoiding important structures in your jaw while ensuring the best cosmetic outcome.

Here at Walkerston Dental we use fully guided surgery during every implant treatment which is planned using the 3-D images produced during your cone beam CT scan. This helps ensure the dental implants are precisely inserted into optimal positions so treatment is more comfortable and is smoother and quicker. Image guided surgery will also make sure your new implant teeth not only look wonderful, but will be fully functional so you can easily bite and chew food.

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